Main Street: The Arbor

Last weekend I tried out The Acorn’s sister restaurant The Arbor. I’ve seen many, many Instagram posts of their dishes, so I was dying to try it out!

If you’re like me and you follow nothing but food accounts on social media, you may have already seen this insane sandwich. It is the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich. Made vegan by substituting macadamia cheese, this thing is ridiculously delicious. Fried artichokes, tangy vegan cheese, grilled eggplant, slaw and jalapeños, its a flavour bomb in your mouth. I know I’ll be going back, and I want to sample the rest of the menu, but I honestly think I’ll just order this forever.

Obviously they have other things on their menu, my friend ordered the tacos, with poblano peppers and crimini mushrooms, and she enjoyed them. The deep fried oyster mushrooms and the broccoli popcorn sound super legit. But 1000% try the artichoke sandwich at some point!

Address: 3941 Main Street

Cost: Appies are $5-8, Entrees are $9-14, Drinks $6-11


Top Dish: If you follow just about any vegan Instagram account in Vancouver, you have without a doubt seen the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich (pictured above). Its the bomb. Try it. Now.

Vegan? The Arbor is completely vegetarian, with all but one item on having a vegan option listed right on the menu.

Yaletown: Nuba Cafe 

I find one of the best ways to discover tasty vegan dishes is to try out different ethnic cuisines. Lebanese fare is one of my favourites lately. There is a wide variety of flavourful foods that are meant to be vegan or vegetarian. They didn’t just take away the meat/cheese, the recipe was designed to be delicious without animal products.

With that in mind, I need to warn you, you will become addicted to Nuba. In particular the deep-fried cauliflower dish called “Najib’s Special”. Its crispy, lemony and salty, and so so delicious. I normally order the “plate” which includes hummus, salad, olives, pita, potatoes or rice and tahini/hot sauce. Its $13 and you’ll be so full you’ll want to die (or you can take home leftovers if you’re a total weirdo…).

Their housemade hummus is worth the trip alone, and the tabouleh salad is a lovely fresh side dish. Apparently they have falafel and a lentil based dish called Mjadra but I’ve always been so blinded by the cauliflower that I’ve never ventured into those. All in all, with 4 locations, Nuba is a must for vegan eaters in Vancouver.

Address: 508 Davie St, right next to Krokodile Pear Juicery and Choice’s Market or one of their 3 other locations in Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Kits.

Cost: “Plates” which include hummus, salad, olives, pita and choice of rice/potato are only $13 ! Items can be ordered a la carte  starting at $5.


Top Dish: Najib’s Special

Vegan? Nuba is not entirely vegan, but they have a variety of delicious vegan dishes.