How to be married to a non-vegan…

“Is your husband vegan?” This is a question that I get asked surprisingly often.  Continue reading “How to be married to a non-vegan…”


10 Vegan Bottles to Pop for NYE – A Guide to Vegan Sparkling Wines

I am a huge fan of wine, but I wasn’t always. I used to think it just tasted like rancid grape juice, but somewhere in my early 20s, my palette shifted and I began to love exploring the vastly different experiences wine can create. My all time favourite, not just for special occasions, is a nice, light sparkling wine. I just love the fizz, and its a nice little treat, even for the everyday.  So I figured I should share my research (it was laborious, I’m sure you feel bad for me)!  Continue reading “10 Vegan Bottles to Pop for NYE – A Guide to Vegan Sparkling Wines”

Vegan Beauty: Top 5 Vegan Highlighters

I have been a makeup-lover ever since I can remember. In 1st grade, I got in trouble for sneaking to school wearing lipstick. I had put in on before we left the house, and turned my head away from my mom the entire car ride so she wouldn’t catch me. When I transitioned to a vegan diet 2 years ago, I was honestly a little overwhelmed with the world of vegan beauty. I’m still learning, and making buying decisions, but I feel comfortable sharing a few vegan products that I love with you. Continue reading “Vegan Beauty: Top 5 Vegan Highlighters”