I am a huge fan of wine, but I wasn’t always. I used to think it just tasted like rancid grape juice, but somewhere in my early 20s, my palette shifted and I began to love exploring the vastly different experiences wine can create. My all time favourite, not just for special occasions, is a nice, light sparkling wine. I just love the fizz, and its a nice little treat, even for the everyday.  So I figured I should share my research (it was laborious, I’m sure you feel bad for me)! *In case you’ve found yourself saying “Wait, WINE isn’t vegan??”, here is a handy little explanation about why it’s not. Without further ado, lets get into my top 10 vegan sparkling wines!


1)Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut $11.99 – My personal favourite, and not just because its the cheapest, but that is a huge bonus! I tried this for the first time a few years ago at Whistler Cornucopia, and loved it. Its dry and crisp, without being too tart. Then I went to find it at the store later on and nearly fell over at the price. Honestly, I don’t know if anything can beat it for the value, but just in case you want to try, an entire list of vegan bubbles follows.


2) Nicolas Feuillate Brut Rose $62.99 – This gorgeous rose is billed as fruit-forward, with flavors of ripe raspberry and cherry, with fresh ginger and blood orange sorbet accents. I’m drooling!


3) Bernard Massard Cuvee Ecusson Brut $23.99 – This one is at my perfect price point, where you spent a little, but its not crazy cheap so it still feels like a treat. Floral and fruity scents and offers fine & persistent bubbles.


4) Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial $64.99 – Classic and iconic, if you bring this to a party, everyone will know you mean business.


5) Valdo Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore $19.99 – Again, in the ideal price range, this prosecco is billed as balanced and fresh with bright citrus tones, passion fruit and more pineapple and tropical flavours.


6) Perrier Jouet Grand Brut $62.99 – This might be the most festively falvoured of the bunch, with delicate aromas of brioche, baked apple and citrus; extra dry with fine mousse and flavours of apple and soft citrus.


7) Santa Margherita Valdobbiadene $18.99 – Another great value-fizz this one shows lemon zest, pear, white peach, apricot and toasty flavours.


8) Veuve Clicquot Brut $65.99 – Another classic, extra-dry and extra-baller, you’ll be sure to impress with a bottle of Veuve at your NYE party.


9) Duval-Leroy Brut Premier Cru $59.99 – This one really speaks my language, crisp, tightly textured and bright.


10) Dom Perignon $224.99 – If you’re feeling really, really, super, extra fancy, the old classic Dom Perignon is vegan!

*All pricing info/links are from BC Liquor Store at the time of writing.


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