My husband and I were lucky enough to spend a few  days in Portland at the beginning of June for a much needed vacation. We’d been before, but not for a long time, and not since I’ve adopted veganism. Needless today, I was super excited!

We drove down the coast, spent a few days in Seaside, OR for some R&R, then headed inland to Portland for a bit more activity.  On the way down, we stopped at Trader Joe’s, which has tons of veggie options, I grabbed their Falafel Wrap and some Pickle Popcorn, both of which were AMAZING.

Seaside is certainly not the vegan mecca that Portland is, but I got by. We had breakfast most days at our hotel, I got oatmeal with almond milk, and almond chai lattes.

Lunch/dinner consisted of veggie tacos at the Seaside Brewing Co. and pizza with no cheese from a pizza joint called Fultano’s at an arcade called Funland (arcade = very fun if you get stuck in a monsoon like we did!). The Firehouse Grill was the only place in town I saw with an actual vegan item on the menu, they had a Cauliflower Rice Bowl w/ Sunflower Sour Cream. I didn’t get to try it unfortunately, because we went there for breakfast.

The foodie adventure began for me when we arrived it Portland. Literally the first place we went was Homegrown Smoker. I’d heard about it on my own, and then received recommendations on Instagram to go there, and O.M.G. it did not disappoint. I got the SLOSMOMOFO Sandwich (BBQ Soycurls and slaw) with a side of MacNoCheese, which may be the most delicious vegan mac I’ve ever had. I have since also purchased my own bag of soy curls from Vegan Supply, because the texture on these things is insane. Recipe to come.

The only downside of HGS was that I tried it at the beginning of our time in Portland and it was so good that everything else was downhill… I’m just kidding. Much more to follow.

For dinner we did a bit of a brewery tour. First was Base Camp Brewing, which has two food trucks, ASH Woodfired Pizza and Poblano Pepper which BOTH had great vegan options! Poblano Pepper is a taco truck, I got Mushroom & Veggie Tacos, which were fantastic and we also grabbed a margherita pizza with housemade cashew mozz from ASH.

After that we hit up Cascade Brewing, which bills themselves as the “house of sour”, so I knew I had found my people. We were too full to try any food, but there was a hummus plate and a pickle bowl listed on the menu that I’m still regretting not trying.

Finally, we stopped at Rogue Brewing and were needing a little something to snack on, so obviously we got Tater Tots. Simple, delicious. Perfect with a cold beer. Rogue also has the loveliest patio. Its huge and has a great vibe.

The following day we went to Sweetpea Baking Co. for breakfast where I got Vegan Quiche, which was FANTASTIC. They do a hashbrown crust, which is genius! My husband had a Tempeh Bacon Bagel that I had a bite of and was a little envious of, their “cheese” spread was bomb.


We were pretty stuffed as we went about our day, we had some snacks at the Saturday Market, I got a cucumber tomato salad from a polish sausage cart, and a massive lemonade.

For dinner, as our final meal in Portland, we stopped in at what has become a Vancouver favourite, Virtuous Pie! Their PDX location opened just a few days before our trip, and I had really been wanting to take my husband there. I’m happy to say they have expanded seamlessly! The restaurant is beautiful and the pizzas are on point. We had the Kim Jack and the Stranger Wings, both amazing, and had leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

That’s it for Portland, I did bring home some groceries as well, but that will be coming up in a haul post soon! Thanks for checking out this post, let me know where you have been in Portland, or anywhere else in the world that is dishing up amazing vegan food, and of course don’t forget to check me out on Instagram, @vegcouver to see what I’m eating on the regular.



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