I love Fort Langley. It honestly feels like you’re stepping back in time. It is the definition of the word “quaint”. Since going vegan, I had been dying to try their fully vegan restaurant known as Veggie Bob’s. 

First impression walking in: it feels like you’ve wandered in to a UBC hippie student house. There are tapestries on the wall, The Beatles playing in the background, and clippings of political protests on the walls. I dragged my husband in anyways, and we pushed on.

Confession: both my husband and I have a background in the food service industry, so perhaps we expect a little more than the average person. We exchanged a knowing look when it took “Bob” about 10 minutes to come out of the back kitchen to help us.

Husband went for the “Montreal Steamie” which is one of Bob’s housemade vegan sausages on a bun with vegan cheeze and mustard. I chose an item off the specials menu, a BBQ Mac & Cheeze Burrito.

While Bob’s housemade vegan sausages are decent, if a little bread-y, the rest leaves something to be desired. The Montreal Steamie was absolutely covered in sauce, which was cheeze sauce and mustard mixed together (what?), perhaps to conceal the stale bun it came on. My Mac & Cheeze Burrito was pretty good, the BBQ sauce was nice and tangy, and it had been grilled on the flat top for a nice crispy exterior. The “cheeze” sauce was overwhelmed with curry powder though, which didn’t mesh well with the Mexican style black beans.

Overall, I’d say Veggie Bob’s is skip-able, while I respect what he’s trying to do, I’d sooner head down the street to Wendel’s cafe, which may not be fully vegan, but they do make a bangin’ Portobello Burger, which blows Veggie Bob’s whole menu out of the water.  Sorry, Bob 😦

Address: 9044 Glover Road, Fort Langley

Cost: Hot Dogs are $9-12, Entrees are $11-14

Website: veggiebobs.ca

Top Dish: The burrito was yummy, I’d skip the dogs.


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