The lovely people at The Good Stuff Co. were kind enough to invite me to try their smoothies last week! 


You can either pop in to their cute little brick & mortar, or they offer pre-packaged smoothie blends, which you can get delivered, for you to add your liquid of choice and blend up at home. The store is at West 10th and Sasamat, and it is a stop on the 99 B line, so it is super easy to get to. They also have soups, salads, and powerballs in-store.


While I was in the store, Chloe helped me choose a couple of smoothies to try out, after I told her my deep, dark secret: I’m not a huge chocolate fan. I know… sound the alarms! I much prefer tangy, fruity tastes. So the one she blended up for me was the Madagascar, which contains banana, strawberry, carrot, mango, spinach, goji berries, coconut oil, and chia seeds. They call this their most fruity smoothie, and it was very tasty. The strawberry comes through, which is nice!


I also brought one home to try out, and I chose the Good Morning. It contains banana, carrot, pineapple, kale, mango, coconut oil and matcha. I have to say, I loved the matcha, it made the smoothie so creamy tasting, and I will totally be stealing that idea for my own smoothies! As far as the experience of blending it up myself at home, they recommend only 300-400 mLs of liquid, and I needed much more than that to get it going in my blender, but I don’t have one of those fancy high powered blenders, so that might be the issue.

It tasted pretty decent, but it is definitely a healthy smoothie! Which is great if you’re actually looking for convenient, healthy, pre-packed foods, but if you’re used to the glorified milkshakes that other chain smoothies shops sell, this is not that. This is a healthy, low sugar, locally sourced ready-to-blend smoothie, that you can stock your freezer with for quick, easy snacks!

Address:  4515 West 10th Ave (and they deliver to Vancouver/North Shore!)

Cost: $7.50-8.50 per smoothie. Soups/salads $6-12, Powerballs at 2/$4. The delivery smoothies are a little cheaper online, with bundles available, PLUS standard delivery is only $3.95. But if you order more than 10 smoothies, it’s free!


Top Dish: I haven’t tried all the options, but I tried the Good Morning and the Madagascar, and I preferred the Madagascar, it was delicious!

Vegan? As per their website: Almost all of the smoothies are Vegan. The only one that’s not is the Wise Ninja because it contains yogurt.


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