I find one of the best ways to discover tasty vegan dishes is to try out different ethnic cuisines. Lebanese fare is one of my favourites lately. There is a wide variety of flavourful foods that are meant to be vegan or vegetarian. They didn’t just take away the meat/cheese, the recipe was designed to be delicious without animal products.

With that in mind, I need to warn you, you will become addicted to Nuba. In particular the deep-fried cauliflower dish called “Najib’s Special”. Its crispy, lemony and salty, and so so delicious. I normally order the “plate” which includes hummus, salad, olives, pita, potatoes or rice and tahini/hot sauce. Its $13 and you’ll be so full you’ll want to die (or you can take home leftovers if you’re a total weirdo…).

Their housemade hummus is worth the trip alone, and the tabouleh salad is a lovely fresh side dish. Apparently they have falafel and a lentil based dish called Mjadra but I’ve always been so blinded by the cauliflower that I’ve never ventured into those. All in all, with 4 locations, Nuba is a must for vegan eaters in Vancouver.

Address: 508 Davie St, right next to Krokodile Pear Juicery and Choice’s Market or one of their 3 other locations in Gastown, Mount Pleasant and Kits.

Cost: “Plates” which include hummus, salad, olives, pita and choice of rice/potato are only $13 ! Items can be ordered a la carte  starting at $5.

Website: www.nuba.ca

Top Dish: Najib’s Special

Vegan? Nuba is not entirely vegan, but they have a variety of delicious vegan dishes.


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