This weekend was YVR Food Fest at the Olympic Village. Oh man, what a dream come true. A giant lot with 40+ food/beverage/craft vendors. There were so many delicious vegan options, almost every truck had one! Vancouver is really catching on 🙂


First of all I had an Apple Sage Cranberry Burrito from Gypsy Trunk. Super delicious! They use Field Roast sausages and Daiya cheese, so nothing that us vegans haven’t had before, but a tasty option for sure!


Next up I sampled some strawberry ice cream from Nice Vice. I kind of regret this one… It was definitely yummy, but I should have gone with my gut and ordered mango or earl grey. My husband wanted strawberry and we shared, but I honestly don’t love strawberry ice cream. They serve it with flavoured salts which is so cool! It really changes the flavour.


After that I grabbed a Tofu Rice Bowl from Disco Cheetah. I’ve had food from them before, and it is SO SO SO good. Like, stalk them on twitter to find out where they’ll be good! The tofu is fried with a sweet soy marinade, on top of some tasty rice, with pickled veg and a spicy sauce. They serve tacos and burritos with the same ingredients too. Holy damn, this place knows what they are doing. TRY IT.

I also had a Cauliflower Hummus taster from Nuba, but I wolfed it down so fast I didn’t snap a pic.

Beyond that, we had some lovely agua frescas with gin, and some beer radlers from Strange Fellows Brewing. All in all, a fantastic day of eating. I highly recommend checking out this event next year! It is most certainly vegan friendly.


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