We made the pilgrimmage to Vancouver’s most loved Vegan restaurant over the weekend, Meet On Main. It was my first time there, believe it or not! It was honestly overwhelming to just be able to pick anything on the menu. Normally you just have to search for a veggie burger or get a salad without any of the fun stuff on it. But at Meet, you can have anything!!

It took me so long to decide what to have. First I thought about the Hot Chiggin’ Caesar, which is a vegan caesar salad with buffalo coated “chicken” on top, because Husband told me he was getting a burger, so I knew I could sneak a bite. But THEN he decided to get the Noodle-y Thai, so I panicked and ordered the Angry Burger. It was so freakin’ delicious. And it comes with fries AND salad, which honestly every restaurant should get on board with. We had my mother-in-law with us as well, and
she got the Mac & Cheese.

The Angry Burger is a deep-fried burger patty, covered in hot sauce, with guacamole. Yup. That is a thing you can order. Holy crap, it was amazing. But I felt like I had eaten a softball afterwards, that’s what happens when you eat 99% vegetables, and then literally eat a deep-fried burger haha. I ended up taking half home with me for later.

The Angry Burger 

I tried a bite of my husband’s Noodle-y Thai as well, and made him let me take a picture because well… I’m that person now.

To be honest, I wish I had ordered that instead. It was so yummy! But I always get a noodle stir fry every where I go, so I thought I’d be different. Stick to what you love people!

The Noodle-y Thai

I also snagged a bite (and a pic!) of my mother-in-law’s Mac & Cheese, which was also super yummy! It has a hint of curry in it, and was soooooo creamy. I should note also, that the portions are gigantic at Meet, we ALL took home leftovers.

The Mac & Cheese

All in all, I highly recommend dining at Meet on Main, it is exactly what it says it is: Veggie Comfort Food. Arrive hungry!

Have you been to Meet? What did you get? What is your favourite place to eat in Vancouver? Let me know in the comments!


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