Alcohol is so cheap in Mexico it may as well be free. During my stay in beautiful Sayulita, I got to sample my fair share. From restaurants to bodegas, here are my 5 favourite spots, in no particular order:

1) La Rustica – 110 Av de la Revolucion

This also happens to be my favourite spot that we ate at in this gorgeous little surf town. Basically,  they know what they’re doing.  Good drinks, great food, and super friendly waitstaff. I had two drinks here, a blended kiwi, lime & mint margarita, and a Palmita; which was gin, lemon juice, ginger & rosemary. They were both to die for. The drinks are a little more expensive here, ranging from $6-10 CAD but they taste like a $14 cocktail at an upscale restaurant in Yaletown.

Palmitas at La Rustica

2) Medusa – at the corner of Calle Miramar and Av del Palmar

I have to confess, the food at this place was not my favourite, but they did open my eyes to the magnificent creation that is The Michelada. My Canadian peeps will know, ain’t nothing better than a good Caesar. Except maybe if you add Mexican spices and dump a Corona in it. That’s a Michelada, and it will change your life. (Ask for it with jugo de tomate instead of Clamato to make it vegan)

3) Kiosko – multiple locations

You’re going to need some ice cold drinks for your day lounging on the beach, so look no further than the many corner stores stocked with frosty beers.  At Kiosko in particular we found 8 tall cans of Corona for only 79 pesos.

4) La Terrazola – Right on the beach, at the end of Calle Miramar

I’m pretty sure everything tastes better when your toes are in the sand, staring at the ocean, but don’t let me take anything away from the delicious classic on-the-rocks margaritas at La Terrazola. Salty, lime-y, booze and cold, you could easily sit in their beach chairs all day. And why not, you’re on vacation after all.

Chairs right on the beach at La Terrazola

5) Yah Yah Sayulita Cafe – in the town plaza, just off Calle Jose Mariscal

Ok, so this one is non-alcoholic, but it was so freaking good it made the list. First of all, they brew hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had. It was rich and dark, and they had soy milk! THEN there is the fresh squeezed orange juice that they serve by the mason jar for only $3 CAD. This is the best place to start your day.


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