Ummmm so if this Mexican tradition of bringing out housemade hot sauces with every meal could catch on, that would be great. We got really lucky in Mexico and enjoyed 99% of the restaurants we ate at. Here are 5 of my favourite spots to dine at in Sayulita:

1) La Rustica – 110 Av de la Revolucion

We loved this place so much we ate there twice! They have great cocktails (more on that in my What I Drank in Sayulita post), delicious wood fire pizza, and the best waitstaff in town. Their pesto pasta dish “El Jefe” is loaded with veggies and easy to veganize. All of the staff here speaks perfect English too, which is extemely helpful when travelling. We also tried their Caprese Salad, which was dressed with a kalamata olive tapenade that is making me drool just thinking about it! A must try.

2) Yah Yah Sayulita Cafe – in the town plaza, just off Calle Jose Mariscal

If you needed any reassurances that Sayulita is a hippie surf town (I mean that in the most loving way), look no further than Yah Yah’s. Serving up a plethora of Vegan & Gluten-free breakfast options, they’re certainty have something to satisfy anyone. The dish I ordered not once, but two times, during our week long stay, was a Vegan Bagel Sandwich. It had fried tofu, spinach, tomato, sprouts and pickles, on a delicious grain bagel. I added avocado, and they brought out a super bomb chipotle sauce & pickled jalapeños on the side.  I plan to recreate this tasty breakfast at home soon!

3) Mary’s Tacos – Av de la Revolucion, right across from La Rustica

If you google “Best Tacos in Sayulita” Mary’s appears on every list, and for good reason. I had their Veggie Burrito and it was amazing. Mushrooms, peppers, rice, beans & avocado in a flour tortilla. It was so tasty, and massive! I took home half for lunch the next day. The best part for me is that they serve their entrees with a selection of 4 housemade hot sauces on the side.

Hot Sauces at Mary’s – Warning: That dark brown one will ruin your life, its so hot!

4) La Terrazola – Beachfront, at the end of Calle Miramar

After spending the day baking in the sun, it’s hard to convince yourself to walk into town for dinner,  and that’s where this beachfront treasure comes in. We snacked on the biggest bowl of fresh made guacamole & chips, their mushrooms tacos were to die for, and what’s better than drinking margaritas with your toes in the sand?

5) Wakika Sayulita – Av de la Revolucion, right beside La Rustica

Fresh fruit popsicles. Need I say more? Ok I’ll tell you more. We went to Wakika 4 times in 7 days. No better way to beat the heat than with a blended fruit pop. My fave flavours were Strawberry, Lime and Pineapple. All sin leche of course!

Tropical Surf Pop – From their instagram @WakikaSayulita, because I ate mine too fast to snap a pic!

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